Historical Figures of Medieval Europe

Historical Figures of Medieval Europe Quiz

Europe’s history is a home to a number of peaks and valleys. For every age of incredible advancement, there is also a regressive period which mirrors that age. Such can be said for most lands, though. Many have argued that civilizations go through cycles because of this widespread trend.

Regardless, one of Europe’s most prominent periods of regression and de-evolution is the continent’s Medieval Period. This was an age of feudalism where civil rights were nigh-nonexistant. An invincible ruling class subjugated serfs in exchange for defense. Even artistic developments were few and far between during the Medieval Period.

Survival was such a daily struggle that few people except for the aristocracy had time for academic or creative pursuits. This meant that European society progressed minimally throughout this massive stretch of time. With that in mind, a number of historians have taken to calling the Medieval Period of European history the Dark Ages.

Few individuals were able to shed light on the societal and political ills of the time. Furthermore, there was hardly anyone who was suggesting ways to improve that way of living. It was simply the norm engraved into all facets of European society.

In this quiz, we will be looking at some of the figures who shone against the darkness of the Medieval Period. At the same time, we will also recognize those monsters who had an equal-but-opposite reaction on European civilization. People of both sorts will appear in this quiz based on their historical influence.

How much do you know about world history? Take our Historical Figures of Medieval Europe Quiz to find out.

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