History by the Decades Quiz: The 1990s Part Two

The History by the Decades Quiz: The 1990s Part Two.

The second half of the 1990s were a period of unusual stability. That isn’t to say this was a time of perfect harmony where nothing unusual happened, but given the peculiar upheavals that defined much of the 80s and 90s, the relative calm of the latter half of the 90s was unexpected. There were still an unfortunate number of tragedies and shocking events within the second half of the 90s as with the first half. Where wars and tragic genocides slowly tapered off, political scandals and costly terror attacks were some of the most challenging moments of this age.

Culture might have been the most fluid aspect of life in the 90s. With the continued rise of consumerism and entertainment, a number of properties and performing acts would rise to earn unprecedented amounts of money and fame. Beyond that, many countries actively worked to pursue peaceful solutions to their disagreements. Science and technology managed to produce landmarks that caused the world to rethink the very nature of life itself.

Even though they may be a recent memory to many of us, the 90s are over twenty years past. So, we can look back on them through the lens of history to truly parse out the most historically relevant and culturally significant events of this time period. This quiz will ask you questions relating to world history events that occurred from 1995 to 1999.

How much do you know about the second half of the 90s in world history? Take our History by the Decades The 1990s Part Two Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the The History by the Decades Quiz: The 1990s Part Two!

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