History by the Decades Quiz: The 1990s

History by the Decades Quiz: The 1990s.

The flow of world history was on quite the uncertain path following the 1980s. The Cold War was finally ending, but so many other challenges were rising to threaten global security. In particular, this was an age where we saw the rise of powerful terrorist organizations thanks in no small part to short-sighted funding from western governments.

Entering the Nineties, many people were uplifted with a new sense of optimism. It seemed possible that the world and all the people in it were close to achieving a lasting peace. Unfortunately, as we all know, peace is something that is all-too-often fleeting. Marked by extreme economic upturns and downturns, this decade provided much of the same decadence that punctuated the Eighties while also spelling out unfortunate economic trends which we are still feeling the effects of in the modern day.

The Nineties also hosted the births of unique counterculture movements. With the world of culture developing a more biting philosophy, much of the art of the Nineties was similarly quite dour. A new rebellious spirit was cultivated through much of western society at this time. Beyond the West, many nations were dealing with political upheaval. Revolutions were still occurring frequently to try and establish some sort of stable political hegemony. Rivalries new and old flared in the Nineties to provide a few tragic wars and human rights violations of an inhuman magnitude.

This quiz will focus specifically on world history events that occurred from 1990 – 1994.

How much do you know about this historic period? Take our History by the Decades Quiz: The 1990s to find out.

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