History of Disney Quiz

The History of Disney Quiz

Of the multiple legendary American film studios, few have risen to such titanic heights as the Walt Disney Company. Starting off from some of the humblest beginnings imaginable, the studio managed to garner a passionate following through the creativity and grit of its members.

Together, these early animators revolutionized the way people thought about movies. In the process, they started a business that would take the world of entertainment by storm.

To this day, few American businesses are as culturally impactful as Walt Disney. Even though the company’s legacy is far from a clean slate, even when it fell on hard times it managed to come back swinging with brand new ideas for the next big thing.

In contemporary times, Disney grows exponentially with its continuous acquisitions of other studios which were once competitors. However, the brand has expanded far beyond the realm of motion pictures.

It is now a titan of television, amusement parks, merchandising, and even video streaming. The studio’s consistent iconography mixed with its family-friendliness have endeared it to audiences of all ages. Some have criticized Disney’s reliance on the nostalgia of its fans, but that reliance on nostalgia continues to bring in the big bucks.

By this point, Disney has created some of the most memorable characters the world over. Yet, the studio shows no signs of slowing its juggernaut progress. Every year new Disney films take the box office by storm while the brand continues to expand its horizons into a diverse spectrum of markets.

How much do you know about the history of this iconic company beloved the world over? Take our History of Disney Quiz to find out.

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