Hitler In Paris

Hitler in Paris.

hitler in paris

The photograph above is one that was taken of Adolf Hitler and his higher-up officials as they pose in their newly-conquered France. The photo was taken in 1940 after the successful blitzkrieg had pierced the French defenses and their army had been sent back in retreat to Africa.

With no one to defend them anymore, the people of France had their hopes spiraled into sadness. Germany quickly capitalized on the absence of their foes and took control of the nation. To Germany, this was just another step on the tall ladder of conquering Europe, but to the people of France, this was bringing the desolation and horrors of the war to their doorsteps.

It was actually the intent of the German Army to merely occupy temporarily as they thought England would surrender after seeing that they had conquered France. They were sorely disappointed, however, when it was revealed that England had plans on continuing their defiance,

With collapsing a governing body in a nation, comes having to establish a new government in order to protect the peace. Germany put down France’s original government after their takeover and replaced it with a puppet government controlled indirectly by the Nazi government in Germany. This new puppet sovereignty was based in Vichy instead of Paris, so it was nicknamed “Vichy France.”

Like in Germany, secret police and propaganda were plenty in the city as control was meant to be kept over the people. With the invasion of Normandy, however, Germany quickly pulled out, leaving the people of France free from their tyranny yet again.