Hitler Visits Napoleon’s Grave

Hitler Visits Napoleon’s Grave and pays his respects.

hitler visits napoleon's grave

Despite the fact that fact that France was recently conquered and war was raging on all sides of his empire, Adolf Hitler once took time out of his busy schedule of warmongering to tour the city of Paris. It seems the man had a soft spot for the city that is admired around the world as a center for art and romance.

Not long after his forces tore through their defenses and began a military occupation of France, Hitler planned an excursion to tour the city and visit some of its historical sights. The thing he was most impressed of was the tasteful architecture that the French had been employing on their buildings for centuries. He even contracted one of the greatest architects of the ages to go to Berlin and make that city’s architecture even greater than France’s.

The star attraction of his tour became his visit to the grave of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is said that Hitler looked up to the late conqueror and wished to pay his respects at his resting place. The two men attempted to conquer all of Europe to create a world united under their rule. They also actually shared the distinction of being named emperors of countries they were not originally from.

Although Hitler led Germany, he was born in Austria. Similarly, Napoleon was born in Italy and went on to control France. As fate would have it, they would also share the distinction of having their military ambitions completely shattered and would die gruesomely because of it.