Iconic Literary Villains Quiz

The Iconic Literary Villains Quiz.

There’s something magnetic about a good villain. Historically, heroes have often resonated with audiences since they are meant to embody the best mankind has to offer. At the same time, villains often resonate with audiences for the polar opposite reason.

A villain is a very broad concept when viewed from a critical perspective. Typically, a villain is a character in a story who acts against the hero or against moral order in general. Literature has produced a vast catalogue of memorable villains throughout the millennia. At the same time, many classic pieces of literature don’t have directly identifiable individual villains. It is often concepts or ideas that act as antagonistic forces in classic literary texts.

What villains do arise in classic literature usually manage to embody broader traits and themes within a single character arc. It is through the wickedness of villains that authors are able to speak to critical themes and moral questions for us as an audience to consider in our own lives. Many of these villains have gone on to become permanent parts of our cultural heritage. Many of them come from genuine places of historical and ideological truth.

This quiz will cover villains from any number of texts with historical relevance. As such, many of the sources for these villains are going to be at least thirty years old. This way, we can ensure the villains we have selected are truly ones which have remained culturally relevant beyond their original appearances.

How much do you know about these famous ne’er-do-wells? Take our Iconic Literary Villains Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Iconic Literary Villains Quiz!

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