Iron Man meets Iron Mike

Robert Downey Jr. and Mike Tyson.

robert downey jr and mike tyson

Throughout his life, Robert Downey Jr. has become an object of intense curiosity for many people. He has lead a life of extreme ups and downs to ultimately end up as one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. He was the son of Robert Downey Sr. who was a director and filmmaker. His father had some very interesting connections through his experience in filmmaking, one of those being the World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson.

The two met at a party and became good friends throughout their careers. When Jr. heard about his father knowing the boxing legend, he immediately asked to meet him. Sr. arranged it so that the pair could meet. This photo was the result.

The picture was taken at the point in which Jr. had begun acting but was not yet in the public eye. He would go on to star in a great many movies that would make him an icon of Hollywood in the nineties. Unfortunately, a problem with drugs that he had since he was a young boy slowly began to spiral out of control. He was checked into rehab and spent a very long time trying to overcome his various addictions.

He would get better and reemerge into the world of entertainment. This time he took it by storm using his dry, yet charismatic attitude to make characters come life. His crowning achievement is playing Iron Man in the Marvel Comics films. He has also become a great philanthropist in recent years, aiding many who also struggle with addiction as he did.