James Buchanan Quiz

James Buchanan Quiz

The American union was in danger. With domestic politics growing more and more polarized, radicalization was running rampant. Violent outbursts and extremist demonstrations became more and more frequent in the U.S.A. all due to a central issue that divided the country cleanly down the middle.

This question was, of course, the issue of whether or not slavery had a place within the American nation. Since the country’s founders insisted that America should be a land of liberty and opportunity for all people, the slavery debate helped highlight a large amount of hypocrisy in early American politics. Slavery made the South rich. There is no denying that. As such, southerners had little patience for considering abolitionist arguments.

On the other hand, those opposed to slavery pointed out the dramatic and villainous abuse to human rights that slavery was to its very core. America needed a leader who was strong and patient enough to reunite these two fractured groups. James Buchanan was yet another President who, rather than properly address the issue of slavery head-on, delayed and compromised so as to not alienate a section of potential voters.

Just as his predecessors, Buchanan’s imprudent handling of the situation only caused the radical trajectory of American politics to spin even further out of control. By the time he left office, it became clear that a war was inevitable.

Buchanan remains far from a popular president. Yet, his actions had far-reaching consequences that help highlight the sheer instability of American politics during his tenure.

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