John Q. Adams Quiz

The John Q. Adams Quiz.

The beginning of the United States revolved around a number of passionate individuals fighting over the direction in which the nation should develop. John Q. Adams was the head of state during one such period. The embers of the Revolution had finally died down. It seemed that there was finally becoming a new state of normalcy for the country to exist within. At the same time, the influence and territory of the nation were still growing at a constant rate. As such, it was one of the primary duties of men like Adams to discover the ways in which America could continue to grow into a powerhouse nation while still trying to make sure that growth occurred upon a stable foundation.

Political parties began to collapse and form at an unstable rate around this period. This put pressure on the Adams presidency, but it also resulted in a time of ununified separation of opposition elements. This meant Adams and his associates could rally their supporters to begin pushing for progress in their agenda until their opponents found a new force to build themselves behind. Even after his presidential term was done, Adams was not one to retreat silently into the background. His allegiances began to shift with the changing political landscape, and he was vocal about what elements earned his support.

Turmoil rose and fell around America through the era, but Adams was usually there to attempt to guide his allies through these storms. By the end of his career, he had not quite lived up to the progressive agenda he supported, but he still made choices that most often benefited the Union in the long run.

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