John Tyler Quiz

The John Tyler Quiz.

America was beginning to move out of its early stage. After some dramatic military victories and sweeping expansions, the country was well on its way to becoming a defining power in the western hemisphere.

However, the country’s domestic politics were victims of in-fighting. With the creation of political parties came the combat of two sides eagerly fighting for their visions of the future. With divisive presidency after divisive presidency, Americans began to crave a more stable political system that would provide economic and military security. Out of this desire came the political shifts that allowed John Tyler to ascend to the presidency.

Tyler was a generally unassuming politician. He had his ideals, and he stuck to them. When his political party made a daring bid for the presidency, they asked Tyler to serve as a legitimizing force to back their candidate. So, Tyler was elected as Vice President of the United States of America. When tragedy befell the President whom Tyler served, it fell on Tyler to lead the American people during a time of great confusion.

Tyler’s tenure remains a subject of acute fascination to a number of American historians. While the man wasn’t responsible for as many sweeping political maneuvers as some of his predecessors, he spent his term attempting to overcome major hurdles in an attempt to enact his policies. Tyler faced great opposition from even those within his own party to the point that he fell from the graces of many Americans for being too moderate in a radical age.

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