Joseph Stalin Quiz

The Joseph Stalin Quiz.

Many men have bent history to their whims. Sometimes, those men go down as heroes for trying their best to help their fellow man. As many if not more men are famous for bending history for their own sakes, though. These figures are often pointed to as the villains of mankind’s history.

Few men have gone down in history with comparable infamy to Joseph Stalin. Stalin was a figure as ruthless as he was bold. First and foremost among his ideals was his own prosperity. Nevertheless, he maintained the appearance of a noble statesman. So dedicated was he to this honorable persona that he committed multiple atrocities in order to enforce that impression of himself within the minds of his people.

To foreign entities, Stalin was a difficult ally and a terrifying enemy. His desire for power manifested in a number of horrifying ways. He abused not only his own people but also the peoples of surrounding areas. Conquest was only a single one of the tools he utilized to consolidate his power. Modern historians have remarked that Stalin was so powerful that he could erase the entire existences of those who defied him. Nightly convoys of armed agents would move on his orders to eliminate those even remotely suspected of disrespect toward Stalin. But Stalin was so critical to the development of his nation from his reign onward that for years after his death it remained illegal to even criticize him.

To learn about Stalin is to try and ensure another man like him never rises to power. How much do you know about this infamous dictator? Take our Joseph Stalin Quiz to find out.

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