Legendary Albums of the 1950s Quiz

The Legendary Albums of the 1950s Quiz.

In the post-war economic boom of the 1950s, the vast spread of wealth brought innovation to a vast array of elements of American and European life. The return of manufacturing jobs and the increasing development of post-industrial economies helped increase the overall wealth of many nations. In that period of economic blessings, many people were more able to experience more decadent displays of art. Music began to truly evolve into an industry during the 50s.

While there were musical superstars and hit songs before the 50s, it was during this decade that we saw the influence of music reach new heights. Major record labels and recording artists emerged during this period to set the pace for music’s evolution throughout the next century. The central style of the 50s definitely showed influence from the music of the 40s and before. Today, we are going to look back to this influential decade of music that contained some of the first true “Rock Stars.”

As music was slowly evolving toward bold new styles, the Fifties were there to set the groundwork for that evolution. Songs that still circulate the global musical canon originated from the 50s. The best way to categorize these major hits from major stars is by dissecting the many iconic albums that originated from this decade of music history. These are the albums that became legendary for their covers, their hits, and even their overall influence.

How much do you know about these history-shaping albums? Take our Legendary Albums of the 50s Quiz to find out.

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