Legendary Albums of the 1960s Quiz

The Legendary Albums of the 1960s Quiz.

In the sixties, music exploded in variety and popularity. With the fifties paving the way for styles Rock and Roll to dominate the airwaves, the sixties capitalized on that preparation by charging full force into an age of experimentation and establishment of musical trends. Some of the all-time greatest artists began their careers in this decade. The purest reflection of these iconic artists come from a glance at the legendary albums which were released within this period.

Some have become staples of contemporary music. Some are so great that even their covers have become iconic in and of themselves. This quiz will test your knowledge on some of the most influential records of this time period in terms of what bands recorded them, what years they were released in, and what songs appeared on their track lists. We have scoured the internet to compile what we find to be a solidly representative list of many of the most impactful records to come out during this period of music history. They are best-sellers, trend-setters, career-starters or multiple of the above.

No matter how they became famous, so long as they are truly famous albums they qualify to be on this quiz. What’s more, even if you aren’t the most diligent fan of this musical era, we still invite you to take this quiz in order to expand your horizons. Even those confident in their knowledge on the subject material might learn something new.

How much do you know about this legendary period in the history of music? Take our Legendary Albums of the 1960s Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Legendary Albums of the 1960s Quiz!

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