Legendary Albums of the 1970s Quiz

The Legendary Albums of the 1970s Quiz.

Continuing our quizzes cataloging some of the most legendary musical albums of all time, we now move on the 1970s. This period was rife with musical innovation. After the experimentation and growth that the music industry experienced during the 60s, the door was open for the 70s to explode in a surge of unique concepts and compositions. Some of the most successful artists of all time rose to prominence during this period.

It was because of the open playing field that such a wide variety of stars could be made. Their albums were entire artistic statements made of the best they had to offer. Hit after hit and artist after artist managed to dominate the public consciousness during the 1970s. Many attribute this to the highly unstable economy of the time promoting mild forms of artistic escapism to a fearful western world. Nonetheless, these turbulent times didn’t stop some legendary musicians from releasing top-shelf recordings.

Even the covers of many of these albums have become iconic in their own rights. The artist who was afraid of innovation had no place in this period. We have taken a look through the hundreds of prominent albums released during this period in the hopes of determining a representative group of the most iconic. Whether that be because of their commercial success, their innovative nature, or general public favor, these are some of the most famous musical collections of the era.

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