Legendary Animations Quiz

The Legendary Animations Quiz.

With developments in civilization, culture is always an aspect that well reflects the sheer import of those developments. There is a reason why historians often study art of civilizations in order to gain a better understanding of a people. In our contemporary culture, so many different art forms have become advanced to the point hat they have begun to evolve and combine in ways that create all new art forms.

Cinema and musical theater are good examples of art forms born from combinations and developments of other art forms. But, within the last century, animation has come to be a phenomenal example of how far art can develop when the right factors are present to support it. These odd pieces of art push the limits of human creativity by granting artists a wide range of elements which they can manipulate in service of the final product. Throughout the last century this art form has become so iconic that there are individuals who have made entire fortunes off of crafting cartoons.

What’s more, many of the most iconic names in cinema have made their stamp on the industry through animation. This quiz seeks to take a look back at the history of animation and all of the big names which made the industry what is today. From the 20th to the 21st Century some truly fascinating works of animation have sprung up to become a part of the entertainment lexicon.

How much do you know about these iconic works of artistic entertainment? Take our Legendary Animations Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Legendary Animations Quiz!

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