Legendary Shakespearian Plays Quiz

The Legendary Shakespearian Plays Quiz.

The works of Shakespeare have become a part of European history. Due to their broad range of appeal, people of all backgrounds have been able to find something to appreciate in these legendary plays. Shakespeare can be said to have defined or even redefined the duties of a literary play in his time. Everything from his word choice to his settings revealed intentionality that belies Shakespeare’s sense of perfectionism as an artist.

For centuries after his passing, people have attempted to emulate Shakespeare’s successful writing style. However, most major literary figures have tried to learn from Shakespeare’s success rather than emulate it. Most literary trends in the history of England owe at least a portion of their existence to Shakespeare. He was a writer able to speak to both the nobility and the common folk with the same words.

The plays of Shakespeare are filled with all manner of iconic characters, lines, and events. Never one to be tied down by a single genre, we can view a drastic level of difference between many of his plays. He wrote everything from historical fiction to romances. Perhaps most famous of Shakespeare’s genres was his take on tragedies. Before Shakespeare, the Greeks were the foremost creators of tragic plays. Shakespeare built upon the traditions of the Greek tragedies and created a more contemporary and more dramatic form of this classic genre.

This quiz will test your knowledge on some of Shakespeare’s most legendary plays. With so many works continuously revived in the literary canon, there is no shortage of classics to choose from.

How much do you know about this iconic historical figure’s works? Take our Legendary Shakespearian Plays Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Legendary Shakespearian Plays Quiz!

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