Louis XVI Quiz

The Louis XVI Quiz.

The lifespans of monarchies provide interesting historical points to dissect. In the birth of a monarchy, we often see feudalistic influences conspire to create a supreme authority for the defense and governance of a realm. With the death of a monarchy, we often see the results of those entrusted with power abusing their authority.

Many historians believe democracy is an inevitable evolution of most other governing systems. In that regard, Democracy is often seen as something of an ideal government structure. A few monarchs in history have noticed the decay of their power as their people cried for democracy. Fewer still monarchs tried to consolidate their power with a proper democratic system. Louis XVI’s reign is one that has fascinated scholars due to the unorthodox ways the man tried to contend with the French Revolution.

Inspired by the new rebellion of their allies in the Americas, the people of France also made a bold demand for representative government. Louis XVI, trained to be a traditional French king, had very little idea of how to suppress this cry for liberty and had only inklings of how he could possibly give in to their demands while still holding onto his own power. When the tides of history flowed against him, Louis XVI was swept away.

Before that, in Louis’s life we see the tale of a man who found himself at odds with political evolution. With the collapse of his power, the French were able to open the door for a new dawn of their nation.

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