Malcolm X Quiz

The Malcolm X Quiz.

To say the Civil Rights Movement was a period of turmoil in American history would be an understatement. This time of an indeterminate length witnessed protests of millions of individuals across the country speaking out against systemic racial oppression. For most in American, the goal of the Civil Rights Movement was to provide peaceful integration so that people of all races could pursue the American dream hand-in-hand. However, there was a subgroup of Black activists during this time who saw integration as a trap that would continue to inspire racial tensions.

For championing this view, Malcolm X has become one of the most controversial civil rights activists of the 20th Century. This can be largely attributed to the radical and often violent views the man held toward a society which he felt alienated from. Throughout his lifetime, he was a prized speaker and writer who captured the sentiments of the more radical elements that arose from the chaos of the Civil Rights Movement. In that regard, the historical community at large is not sure how to categorize a man like Malcolm X.

Some praise him for giving voice to the anger African-Americans felt at having to fight for equality in the first place. However, many others take issue with Malcolm X’s violent and inflammatory rhetoric. Either way, the man is remembered for his societal influence regardless of whether or not history will vindicate his methods.

This quiz will cover the life and work of Malcolm X as well as the history that directly influenced him.

How much do you know about this controversial historical figure? Take our Malcolm X Quiz to find out.

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