Mansa Musa Quiz

Mansa Musa Quiz.

The qualities that make a great leader are definitely debatable. Some say that charisma is the most important element in a potential leader. Others say that compassion is the X-factor that helps elevate a leader. The truly powerful leaders of human history manage to combine a number of these positive attributes to help them not only gain authority but also hold onto it once they have it.

For Mansa Musa, authority was something that he had in spades. Even when compassion and mercy failed him, he never lost an ounce of respect from his subjects. During a time when cultures were beginning to flourish across the African continent, Mansa Musa positioned himself to benefit from this boom of cultures. Wealth flowed into Mansa Musa’s coffers. This, in turn, helped him to further solidify his status as a man of power.

Some historians even estimate that Mansa Musa may have been the richest man to have ever lived. What few records of his reign survive describe mountains of gold under his possession. Still, Mansa Musa was enlightened enough to know that wealth and birthright weren’t the only factors that gave a person power. He was famous for his constant giving and for his religious enlightenment. Thanks to his support of religion and education, we have access to information on the history of Africa prior to his reign.

His patronage and his encouragement allowed institutions of learning and record-keeping to form within his empire. Entire regions of Africa still display the influence which Mansa Musa’s empire had upon them. In spire of that, his legacy is tarnished by what we know of his moral failings as a warlord and slaver.

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