Mao Zedong Quiz

Mao Zedong Quiz

In China’s history, regimes have been most often built upon the backs of tradition and powerful military leaders. Yet, in the case of Mao Zedong, he took control of the nation in a radical way removed from the expected ways of China’s cultural past.

The entire world was being forced to debate the efficacy of communism as a government system. Up to that point, most of the world’s economies followed a generally capitalistic structure. Communism was created with the claims that it could solve many of the problems of inequality that accompanied capitalist economies. Yet, the large amount of government authority granted under communism attracted dictatorial forces to try and install this system into their countries.

Mao Zedong was only one such man in world history. Murder and famine followed in this dictator’s footsteps. Yet, his careful hold over his people helped him to silence any opposition to his reign. He set the precedents that still determine much of modern Chinese society.

In the trappings of progressiveness, Mao solidified his own station and the station of the political party that he began. Not content to gain power over his own country, Mao Zedong acted in the fashion that was common of dictators by trying to expand his influence over his neighbors. Since many other Asian nations were also experiencing turmoil between capitalist and communist factions, Mao tried to aid the other communist forces around him.

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