Martin Van Buren Quiz

The Martin Van Buren Quiz.

Following the radical presidency of Andrew Jackson, it came time for Americans to make a major decision regarding the future of their country. Jacksonian policies had brought about a new slew of problems and possibilities for the burgeoning United States. In the election that followed his second term, Americans needed to decide whether they would continue to travel down the path that Jackson had set out for them or else chart a new course entirely.

Enter Martin Van Buren. A peculiar fellow with a peculiar history, Van Buren has not gone down in history in the same way as many other American presidents have. Nevertheless, he led the American government through a relatively stable period. Even in his own time, support for Van Buren was not terribly fervent. As Europe was still a period of restructuring, it was on Van Buren’s shoulders to help guide what America’s relationship would be with the rest of the western world.

Most of van Buren’s efforts, however, were spent on domestic ordering. He was leader during a time of radical proposals that sought to alter the framework of the American government. The efforts of Van Buren to navigate these proposals are at least interesting to learn from in a historical context. Even if he himself has not gone down in history, the influence he had on American politics in his day was still significant. Everything from the two-party system to the administration of elections was impacted by Van Buren’s tinkering.

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