Mexican-American War Quiz

Mexican-American War Quiz

Across American history, wars have been fought for a variety of reasons. Rarely has a war been fought strictly for the cause of expansion, though. Some historians argue that the Mexican-American War is one of those few conflicts where America fought to simply expand its borders.

It must be stated that this theory has its detractors. To boil any conflict down to simple black and white misses out on much of the nuance the puts countries to war. The forces of Mexico fell under the control of an authoritarian. As he and the United States quarreled over territory, they reached and impasse where it seemed conflict was inevitable. So, these close neighbors took to the battlefield.

Historians sometimes pass over the Mexican-American War. Since it didn’t have the far-reaching consequences of something like the Revolutionary War or the World Wars, some touch upon it only lightly. Doing so negates the history that went into this time period. Brave people gave their lives in the Mexican-American War, and the conflict shaped the politics of North America for centuries afterward.

What’s more, learning about the Mexican-American War provides a unique insight into the following decades of history for these two countries. Major cultural shifts were on the horizon for both. The earliest embers of those shifts were visible throughout the Mexican-American War.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

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