Millard Fillmore Quiz

Millard Fillmore Quiz.

With the office of the President of the United States, there are a number of expectations that are attached to the post. Some presidents have famously utilized these expectations in order to gain support. Others have fallen victim to their own inability to live up to those expectations.

It is said that some men have been elected to the presidency because of a collective disapproval toward their opponents rather than out of support for they themselves as candidates. Of course, there are also those men who ascended to the presidency out of happenstance.

Millard Fillmore was not meant to be President. Many historians have claimed as much citing the public’s attitude toward the man. Regardless, he still made it to the Oval Office even without the support of the public. During his brief tenure, he proved himself a decently competent politician, but he never fully managed to gain the approval of his colleagues or voting base. This led to Fillmore becoming something of a disgraced figure immediately following his presidential term.

While in office, Fillmore set an inconsistent tone trying to balance the jumbled demands of his disunified political party with his own agenda as a politician. Regardless, even when it seemed everyone had turned against him, Fillmore refused to give up. He would never truly regain the prominence that he barely had when he was President of the U.S., but he would win small victories in his overall political career.

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