Mythbusters – Adam Savage

Adam Savage at Age Nineteen – Future Mythbuster.

mythbusters adam savage

The young man who is posing in this photograph is none other than Adam Savage back when he was nineteen years old. It was taken in 1986 at his hometown of Winchester, New York. This garage served as the young man’s “workshop” where he would work on the industrial effects and designs that would make him famous in the future.

Born in 1967, Savage’s father was an animator who worked on Sesame Street, and his mother was a prominent psychotherapist. He grew up wanting to be an actor and actually did make some headway in this goal. After graduating high school, Savage voiced characters that his father created on Sesame Street and playing characters in commercials.

When he reached the age of nineteen, however, he decided to change his vocation. Instead of acting, he wanted to do something more practical, so he instead opted for graphic design and special effects.

His effects work was in films such as Space Cowboys, Star Wars: Episode II, and The Matrix Reloaded. His big break came when he was offered to co-star in the show MythBusters. In this show, it was the job of him and his co-star Jamie Hyneman to use science and experimentation to discover whether or not a famous myth is possible.

The show was wildly popular and thrust the two into the limelight because of their entertaining personalities, thorough scientific knowledge, and expert engineering skills. Savage was even given an honorary doctorate from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. To this day, he speaks at science and logic conventions across the country.