Mythical Greek Figures Quiz

The Mythical Greek Figures Quiz.

The legends of Ancient Greece were foundational to the development of literature in the West. These epic tales of the terrestrial and divine worlds colliding made for compelling legends that held truths about the human condition. Many of these famous tales have remained a part of the literary canon to this day.

Unlike the literary traditions of many other nations, the Greek literary tradition was intertwined inexorably with its faith. That was just how Greek society was. Faith was a central part of nearly every aspect of life in those days. As such, we often see elements of faith being the basis for a number of these legendary tales. You can see the trace elements of these ancient legends in much of our current media. From superhero tales to great tragedies, the Greeks helped shape our understanding of these genres through their own conventions and the characters who exist within these stories.

This quiz will focus on the figures who populate these legendary Greek myths. While gods and goddesses will mostly be exempt from this quiz, their influence will still permeate the questions within it because of how pervasive Greek religion was to its culture. Rather, this quiz will test your knowledge on the great Greek heroes and villains outside of Olympus. Mythical creatures and the great deeds of legendary heroes will also be applicable for this list. Overall, we will test your knowledge on the legends of Greece that aren’t directly members of the Greek pantheon.

How much do you know about these legends of old? Take our Mythical Greek Figures Quiz to find out.

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