Native American Wars Quiz

Native American Wars Quiz

Though the American nation was born in 1776, this democratic republic was far from the first civilization to inhabit North America. Some archaeologists believe that the first humans arrived in the Americas by following a land bridge across the Bering Sea which connected Russia and Alaska.

Such a land bridge, these archaeologists claim, could have appeared as long ago as the Ice Age. These traveling peoples and their descendants are called the Native Americans in the modern day. Completely isolated from other human civilizations oceans away, the Native Americans built their own similar but diverse cultures over the course of millennia.

When the cultures of Europe and the Americas met again, conflict was unfortunately inevitable. Many of the European settlers who came to America came because of crowded overpopulation in their homelands. There were also those who came to America to escape persecution and to earn fortunes. These settlers wanted the land and resources the Native Americans had. So, a series of horrible wars broke out. Massacres were committed by both sides.

Oftentimes, these conflicts would be centered around the resistance of a single powerful Native American leader and their tribes fighting against an encroaching group of European or American settlers.

This quiz will test your knowledge on some of these American wars and atrocities regardless of when they took place. It must be said, we are in no way meaning to glorify the violence of these events, we are merely trying to keep knowledge of them alive.

On that note, this quiz is meant to inform as much as it is to test you. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you know about the military history of the American settlers and the Native American tribes? Take our Native American Wars Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Native American Wars Quiz!

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