O.J. & The White Bronco

O.J. on the Run.

o.j. simpson

One of the nation’s most famous criminals throughout the last century, this picture captures the now infamous pursuit of O.J. Simpson. As he flees from the police throughout Los Angeles in a low speed chase, the nation watches on in morbid curiosity. This event was so publicly broadcast that it even was shown instead of the NBA Finals when it occurred on June 17th 1994.

The reason for this legendary pursuit was that Simpson had failed to turn himself in for questioning to the police in an allotted time. He was wanted because of the fact that his ex-wife and her new boyfriend had been stabbed to death outside of their home on the night of the 12th. Because of the rocky nature of their relationship, Simpson instantly became a person of interest in this case. After an initial police questioning, it was discovered that Simpson didn’t even have an alibi for that night and there was evidence found at the scene to link him to it.

Policemen were sent to bring him in for a more thorough investigation, but he fled driving his white Ford Bronco. After a long and arduous chase, Simpson gave himself up and was sent to trial over the murder case.

Despite the overwhelming mass of evidence against him, Simpson was declared “not guilty.” In the end, though, the family of the boyfriend wished for Simpson to pay for reparations and filed a civil lawsuit.

This time, Simpson was found guilty and has to pay an astronomical sum to the family, but didn’t have to go to jail as he had previously been acquitted. To this day it is unknown whether or not he truly did commit this heinous act.