Oliver Hazard Perry Quiz

Oliver Hazard Perry Quiz.

America has no shortage of war heroes. Even in spite of the brutal nature of war in general, countries latch onto those who help guide their people safely through the maelstrom of armed conflict. For America, in particular, such figures come to mind as Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, and of course George Washington.

One such heroic commander whose influence helped to save an entire American campaign from collapse is Oliver Hazard Perry. Perry grew up in the states as a son of the Revolution. Patriotism and leadership ran in his blood to the point that they inspired him to dedicate his life to improving the armed forces of the new American nation. When the time for war came, Perry did not shrink from his duty. He faced battle after battle with the courage that would define the American soldier. In turn, he helped to inspire those around him to put their all into their efforts to preserve their homeland.

We can cite multiple examples of conflicts where Perry went above and beyond the call of duty. Nevertheless, he remained humble constantly praising his men and sub-commanders for the invaluable assistance they provided him. Even his phrases have become iconic in their own rights. Perry exemplified service to a nation whose promise of liberty and equality he believed in with all of his heart. America honors Perry as one of the country’s first legendary naval commanders. Entire cities and counties were named in his honor.

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