Otto von Bismarck Quiz

The Otto von Bismarck Quiz.

The history of Europe itself is based upon the interplay between its various powerful nations. That interplay has set the stage for much of world history radiating out from the continent. Zooming in to the history of the lands of Germany, we find quite the complicated web of power structures and wars. Though, in the modern day, it is easy to falsely consider Germany’s history as the singular and unified country we know it as now, unity in Germany is quite the recent concept from a historical context.

The states of Germany cooperated to an extent for much of history, but they didn’t properly unite into a singular modern Germany until Otto von Bismarck. This figure managed to erase centuries-old divisions in order to bring together states in spite of their history of feuds. Bismarck became something of a central figure to the history of Germany in no time flat. He had the necessary intellect to make political maneuvers that have gone down in history.

What is perhaps most impressive about Bismarck reviewing the man’s life and times is the near-foresight the man possessed. Oftentimes he would anticipate major events in order to prepare for their arrival. Oftentimes, this foresight would allow him to position himself to come out on top of these major shifts in the political landscape of Europe. Bismarck possessed great ambition as well as the wisdom to see that ambition through naturally. The world would never be the same following the life of Otto von Bismarck.

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