Pablo Escobar and his Son Standing in front of the White House

Here is a photograph of the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar and his son as they pose in front of the White House. It is estimated that the picture was taken around the year 1980, although the official date was never recorded.


Escobar was born in 1949 to a decent household. He grew up with a hearty desire to one day become the president of his native country Columbia. In order to make these aspirations come to fruition, he began to steal and smuggle for money. Through his role as a smuggler, Escobar would come to control much of the criminal underworld. Using his criminal assets, he quickly seized control of the then-fledgling Columbian cocaine business.

Using brutal tactics to force loyalty from his workers, Escobar is estimated to have produced so much cocaine that he supplied eighty percent of the total amount in the U.S.A. at one point. Eventually, the law caught up with Escobar and in 1993 he was killed in a fire fight with authorities.

The child with him in the picture is his only son, Juan Pablo Escobar. Living a life of fear because of his father’s work, Juan came to detest his father to the point that he and his mother changed their names and went into hiding. This didn’t stop him, however, from publishing a documentary in 2010 called Sins of my Father, in which he described the horrors of living as the son of a drug kingpin. The picture really make us question White House security back in the 80’s since a crime lord as well-known as Pablo Escobar could just walk up and take a picture there without anyone spotting him.