The American Civil War Quiz

Civil War Quiz

The Civil War Quiz. When someone mentions the Civil War, many things come to mind… Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, the Confederate Flag, Slavery, and more.  Just as the United States was finding its place in the world, war broke out, but it was not a foreign invader, this war was domestic. It was the North vs. … Read more

Doctor Who – On The Set

Doctor Who Producer Onset, smoke’em if you got’em. This picture comes from the long running science fiction series Doctor Who. The picture, which was taken in 1964, shows the producer at the time as she inspects the set and takes a smoke break. Her name is Verity Lambert and she was the very first producer … Read more

The Scourge Of The Seven Seas Quiz

Get ready to walk the plank and take the Pirate quiz. Pirates, Buccaneers, buried treasure, and more.  From the legend of Blackbeard to Captain Jack Sparrow, this pirate quiz covers everything and anything to do with being a Pirate. So, put on your eye patch, set the sails, and let’s see just how much you … Read more

Frank Lenz – Biking Around The World

Frank Lenz in the last known photo of him before his disappearance. This gentleman featured in the photo is one man who gave up his life for adventure and accomplishment. His name is Frank Lenz and the picture was taken of him in 1894. He was a young American who was the child of German … Read more

David Hasselhoff Partying

David Hasselhoff partying his face off! This photograph that we have secured for your viewing pleasure was taken at a college called the California Institute of the Arts. (CalArts) Now you may be asking yourself, “Who is that young partying man that very well may or may not grow up to star on BayWatch?” Well, … Read more