The Boston Marathon Bombing

The bombing at the Boston Marathon. Above is a picture of good trying to respond to the terror of evil. The photograph was taken on April 13th 2013 at the infamous Boston Marathon bombing. Policemen are scrambling to secure the area from further attack, as well as help any wounded they can find. The poor … Read more

The Very First IKEA Store

IKEA – “Swedish furniture store” Above is a picture that was taken of the very first IKEA store that was ever built. One of the most famous furniture outlets in the world, IKEA is certainly a name that many people associate with bargain furniture. Like most of the world’s top companies, though, this business started … Read more

Marilyn Monroe And The Queen Of England

Marilyn Monroe Meeting the Queen. Above is a picture that was taken of famous actress Marilyn Monroe as she was given the honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth II of England. The picture was taken in 1956 at the English premiere of the film The Battle of River Plate. Although Monroe wasn’t actually in the movie, … Read more

King Tut’s Tomb

The Seal of Tutankhamun’s Tomb. The above picture is a truly fascinating capturing of one of the most important archaeological finds of the previous century. This picture shows the seal that was used to keep King Tutankhamun’s tomb safe from the outside world. A mere rope, yet this acted as the seal that would protect … Read more

The First Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald giving clowns everywhere a bad rap. This particularly frightening image is one taken of the very first actor portrayal of fast food mascot Ronald McDonald. Created in 1963, the clown was created and portrayed by actor Willard Scott pictured here. Sporting a cup on his nose, a carrying tray in his hands and … Read more