World War I Quiz

wolrd war I quiz

The World War I Quiz After decades of tensions in Europe burning red-hot, the continent finally exploded into full armed-conflict. Rivalries and alliances caused nation after nation to be dragged into this barbaric campaign. As what all had hoped would be a brief conflict dragged on and on throughout the years, Europe became home to … Read more

1980 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Opening of the 1980 Olympic Games. Talk about a bizarre way to celebrate the Olympics. This picture shows a plethora of Russian acrobats as they join together to form the shape of a vase made entirely out of people. This was taken back in 1980 during the Olympic Summer games which were being held in … Read more

Steve Martin & John Belushi

Steve Martin and John Belushi. Comedy legends of the seventies as they pose together in the comedy capital of the world at the time, New York City. We have here pictured Steve Martin and John Belushi. This scene took place in 1982 only a few weeks before Belushi’s tragic passing. The picture was taken outside … Read more

Heinrich Himmler And A Russian POW

Heinrich Himmler and the POW. It is rare that we get to see such photos that detail a time in which someone who commits atrocities is confronted by their actions. The man on the left with the entourage is Heinrich Himmler, and the man on the right is a Russian prisoner of war in a … Read more

Captain Marvel

John Bostwick as Captain Marvel. Did you know that in the mid 1970’s, D.C. Comics actually made a television series centered around one of their slightly lesser-known characters, Captain Marvel? Well, they did. The show was titled Shazam! which is an alternative title for the character himself. This series followed the exploits of a young … Read more