Star Wars Quiz – Are You A Jedi Master?

Are you ready to take the Star Wars Quiz?  Sure, you have watched all of the Star Wars movies multiple times, but how well were you paying attention? These Star Wars Quiz questions will trip up even some of the most hardened Star Wars fans. Use the force and try to get a perfect score. … Read more

Albert Einstein & Charlie Chaplin

Einstein and Chaplin – A candid moment. Here we see two figures who were perhaps some of the most iconic in the entire world during the early 1900’s, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. Two rather distinct men in their own rights, this doesn’t exactly seem like a very plausible duo because of how different their … Read more

Ghostbusters – Behind The Scenes

Ghostbusters One of the movies that defined the eighties, Ghostbusters wasn’t just a hit, some would argue it became a phenomenon. This film had everything a movie-goer could want. It had action, it had comedy of both high-brow and low-brow varieties, it even had excellent effects for the time and an all-star cast and crew. … Read more

Geddy Lee of Rush

Geddy Lee and his many instruments. A picture that captures the musical dedication of one of rock and roll’s icons, this photograph is of Geddy Lee standing near a variety of instruments. These aren’t just a random assortment, however, as Geddy Lee played all of them for his band Rush. Indeed, he was the lead … Read more

Times Square Circa 1936

Times Square – A little peek at the past. This picture is of the legendary New York destination, Times Square all the way back in 1936. You can see as the Times Square we know today is beginning to form from this rather mundane New York street. Billboards are beginning to show up, and pedestrians … Read more