Gwen Stefani & Sting

Gwen Stefani Getting Sting’s Autograph. Above is a picture of a meeting of the stars. Taken all the way back in 1983, this is a picture of a pre-fame Gwen Stefani getting an autograph from Sting. Sting was the lead singer of the rock and roll band The Police. Born Gordon Summer, he selected the … Read more

Late Night with David Letterman – First Episode

The First Episode of Late Night with David Letterman. The picture above is one that was captured during the first ever episode of Late Night with David Letterman. Back in 1982, the time of the premier, Letterman had some brief experience with hosting an entertainment program as he had just been responsible for a morning … Read more

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver and fellow faculty at Tuskegee Institute. Above is a picture of the famous inventor and botanist George Washington Carver. He can be seen in the front row at the very center of this picture, taken in 1902 at the Tuskegee Institute. Carver was born a slave in the 1860’s (the exact date … Read more

Kurt Cobain Mugshot

Kurt Cobain mugshot, taken when he was 19 years old. This is a mugshot photograph of the legendary musician Kurt Cobain. Cobain was the singer, guitarist, and song writer for the band Nirvana. Taken in 1986, the picture shows a bit about Cobain that most don’t know about, his criminal record. Born in 1967, Cobain … Read more

USS Saratoga Leaving New York City

The USS Saratoga in New York Bay. Above is a picture of the famous navy supercarrier the USS Saratoga as it leaves New York City. This photograph was taken in the 1957 as the ship was leaving its storage in the New York Naval Shipyard. The ship was released ready for action after going through … Read more