Schwimmwagen. The picture above shows a technological peculiarity, the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. This is an automobile was meant to be able to travel on land and roads like a simple car, but this one also had the ability to float across the water making it an amphibious vehicle. The name Schwimmwagen literally translates into “Swimming Car.” … Read more

The Weeping Frenchman

The Weeping Frenchman. The picture above is an emotional look at the occupation of France by the German Army as a French citizen weeps seeing the fall of his country. The picture was taken in the midst of a grievous day in 1940 where the defeated French forces marched with the hopes of their people … Read more

Ridiculous Weapons In History Quiz

Are you ready to take the “Most Ridiculous Weapons In History Quiz”?  The weapons that are featured in this quiz will certainly get your attention with how absurd they are.  At the time though, someone thought they were a good idea, so these weapons were created and tested.  Needless to say, the results were less … Read more

Confederate Prisoner – Battle of Gettysburg

Confederate Prisoner. The picture above shows a prisoner taken from the Confederate Army at the Battle of Gettysburg. The picture was truly taken about twelve days after the final day of the battle. The man is wearing the garb of the south, which usually featured a simple attire of farm clothes if they had not … Read more

Most Ridiculous Weapons In History

Ridiculous Weapons that Were Scrapped for Obvious Reasons Since the dawn of conflict, mankind has sought to improve its chances of winning by simply improving his tools for the job. Weaponry has been around since the cavemen beat each other senseless with rocks and sticks but has evolved with a more sophisticated yet deadly purpose … Read more