First Woman To Swim The English Channel

First woman to successfully swim the English Channel, Gertrude Ederle. Above is a picture from all the way back in 1926. Here we see, Gertrude Ederle standing in triumph upon the beach of Cape Griz-Nez in France. As we can see, she strikes a pose of victory because she has now officially become the first … Read more

The Skiing Elephant

Below is a photograph of a true spectacle in the history of performing circuses, an elephant with the ability to water ski. The picture was taken on March 23, 1956 at a performance by the Ringling Circus at an attraction called Sunshine Springs in the town of Sarasota, Florida. One of their most popular acts at … Read more

Coke Comes To France

This is a picture taken in April 1950 of the first time Coca Cola was ever officially served in the country of France. In the early 1900’s, the Coke Company sought to expand its profits by globalizing their product. Many different countries, especially those in Europe seemed to be prime ground for the soft drink … Read more

Charlie Chaplin War Speech

Charlie Chaplin on Wall Street. Above is a picture of comedian Charlie Chaplin in the year 1918 as he stands in front of an enormous multitude of people on Wall Street in New York City. He is being held up by the famous director of the era, Douglas Fairbanks in an attempt to let the … Read more

Nepal Car Delivery Men

Nepali tribesmen work together to carry a car across a river Here we see a marvel of the 20th century. This is a photograph of a tribe of Nepali men carrying a car that appears to be a Mercedes. The picture was taken in 1948 in the region of Nepal known as Kathmandu. The people … Read more