Paul Laurence Dunbar Quiz

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Quiz.

Poetry manages to be a peculiar niche of culture in almost every nation. In most western countries, poetry is often contrasted with prose literature. However, this contrast is not always entirely fair. When in the hands of certain writers, poetry can manage to be something of a companion to more traditional forms of literature. What nearly always sets poetry apart is its brevity. In fewer words, poetry must often communicate ideas similar to those presented in more long-form stories. This leads to poetry becoming a dense art form where every word must be entirely deliberate.

In America, few men have managed to say as much in as few words as Paul Laurence Dunbar. Dunbar grew up constantly receiving the short end of the proverbial stick. Nevertheless, he allowed himself to grow from the misfortune that followed him. When he began to write, it became apparent the man had a gift. His vocabulary and imagery were on par with some of the greatest poets in America at the time. We remember Dunbar as a trail blazer who helped carve out America’s literary identity, but it is also important to remember the man behind the legend.

Dunbar was not the privileged academic that many might assume a poet of his renown would be. In the details of Dunbar’s trials and tribulations, we are reminded of the central idea of the American dream that anyone can truly become great. Where words and will intersect, that is where Dunbar’s legacy resides.

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