Paul McCartney Quiz

The Paul McCartney Quiz.

The musical history of England is populated by a surprising number of legends of the Rock and Roll genre. It is often said that Rock and Roll was invented in America but that the British musicians who adopted the style helped evolve the genre into its next stage of relevance. Paul McCartney was one of the masterminds to help establish this trend.

From a simple upbringing, McCartney would manage to become one of the most famous musicians of all time. He worked alongside others who matched his fame and creative prowess. These relationships not only inspired McCartney to expand his horizons as a creator, they also supported him as he worked to break through into the world of popular culture.

Even after the periods where McCartney made major changes to his career, he still ended up setting records and constantly reinventing his identity as a musician. Beyond his work in the world of music, McCartney is known for his extensive philanthropy. His efforts at helping certain charitable causes have led to him endearing himself even more to his fans.

What’s more, he has famously not been one to rest on his laurels. Even sixty years beyond his premiere as a Rock and Roll star, McCartney was still playing shows all around the world.

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