Plato Quiz

The Plato Quiz.

The birth of contemporary western academia took place in Ancient Greece. This nation managed to have enough social order and wealth that its people could afford to broaden their horizons beyond their survival. This is part of the reason why we see so much art coming out of Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks also began to turn their thoughts inward beyond their religious understanding of the world. Philosophy was an effort by these Greek thinkers to try and comprehend the nature of thought and even existence itself.

Plato was one of the pivotal founders of contemporary philosophy. Admirably, he didn’t keep his knowledge to himself. To him, understanding was something that needed to be spread far and wide. Though many of his ideas have become antiquated in the millennia that followed, there are still a plethora of fascinating concepts to be found within Plato’s original teachings. He touched upon such a variety of topics as the nature of government, the fluid nature of human perception, and even the nature of thought itself. Those who followed in Plato’s footsteps advanced these ideas to formulate even more complicated and radical concepts.

Even today, we can see echoes of Plato’s influence manifested in the ideas of contemporary philosophers and political advocates. In spite of their age being over two thousand years old, a number of Plato’s works remain in the literary canon that is taught in schools and universities worldwide. This quiz will test your knowledge on Plato himself, his works, and possibly even facts about the world that inspired his ideas.

How much do you know about this iconic thinker? Take our Plato Quiz to find out.

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