Reformation Quiz

The Reformation Quiz.

For much of the history of western civilization, the Catholic Church was the supreme Christian authority over the lands of Europe. There were multiple examples from history of individuals who challenged the authority of the church, but most were simply written off as heretics and failed to gain the social change they were aiming for.

Then, the stars aligned for serious competition to form. Many Christians began to grow disillusioned with the methods the Catholic Church utilized in the name of establishing social order. From within the ranks of the church itself dissenters began to rise. For whatever reasons, multiple scholars and holy men began to openly challenge the doctrine of the church in a way that rallied the support of the public. There were multiple areas of corruption within this ancient faith that even its own devout members were beginning to object to.

The pressure forced the Catholic Church into quite the difficult position. Massive social change was the result. Not only within the church, but all across Europe the status quo shifted heavily. The unchallenged Christian authority of the Catholic Church was over after a millennium. In its place sprouted the seeds of a diverse spectrum of philosophies. In response, the members of the church were forced to take a few steps back and review their doctrine in order the reform themselves for the better.

Unfortunately, this religious schism was not accepted peacefully. People were fully willing to die in the name of their faith on all sides. This led to wars that sent even the sovereign nations of Europe into a violent state of flux.

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