Saints of the Catholic Church Quiz

The Saints of the Catholic Church Quiz.

The history of the Catholic Church reflects the history of western civilization itself. For two millennia now, the church has spread to the corners of the globe. Though, in the modern day, the church has broken up into multiple other Christian sects, there was once a period where the Catholic Church had authority over all Christians.

Even to this day, however, a considerable portion of the world’s population are members of the Church. To look at the various saints of the Church is to look through the history of the world. This is why we have selected this storied institution to examine within this quiz. Not only has the Catholic Church existed for longer than any other Christian sect, its influence was also often tied with the development of many other countries.

As such, studying the numerous saints of this church provide interesting insight into global history. What’s more, many of the saints of the Catholic Church are also venerated in other Christian faiths. In this quiz, we will test your knowledge of these various figures both biblical and more contemporary. Some of the information in this quiz will be based upon religious tradition rather than guaranteed historical fact.

For many of these saints, the legends which surround them are intrinsic to their historical relevance. In their legend, we find some of the most fascinating stories in all of recorded history.

How much do you know about the legendary saints of history? Take our Saints of the Catholic Church Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Saints of the Catholic Church Quiz!

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