School Children Wearing Gas Masks

School Children with Gas Masks.

school children wearing gas mask

This picture shows a school in England in 1940 where all the children are participating in a gas bomb drill. During this time, WWII was in full swing with the London Blitz terrorizing the citizens of England and destroying their homeland.

German planes perpetually launched attacks on the city from the sky, dropping bombs and engaging in dog fights against the RAF. With England being one of the last obstacles in the way of their dream of conquering Europe, the Germans were relentless in their attacks on the island.

Since the previous world war saw the introduction of gas bombs into the field of warfare, people were intensely wary about them being used again in the second. It was possible for the planes to drop gas bombs in a merciless attack upon the citizens, so the government prepared them to the best of their abilities.

Gas masks were handed out to all citizens of England in the event that such an attack did take place. Special rattles were employed by the air raid wardens to alert the citizens if such an attack did occur. There were also masks employed for use by children and babies. In school, gas drills were practiced by the teachers to better prepare the children as the photo demonstrates.

The government even put up posters all around the country that had instructions on how to put on and properly breathe with the masks. Thankfully, England would survive the Blitz and there would not be a single gas attack during the raid.