Simon Bolivar Quiz

The Simon Bolivar Quiz

The Americas largely began as colonial societies. It is true that the first peoples to inhabit the continents were the tribes now collectively called the Native Americans. However, the history of the powers that control modern America are the products of imperial conquest.

As the United States of America won its own revolution against tyranny, it began a chain reaction. Rebellions against imperial control began to pop up across the world in the decades following the American Revolutionary War. In South and Central America, the fight for independence found a leader in a man of staunch character.

Simon Bolivar remains one of the most influential revolutionaries in all of human history. He not only helped to liberate his own homeland, but also the lands of his neighbors. Bolivar did not simply want to provide the blessing of liberty to his own people. He believed that freedom was a right that all people should possess. So, he raised arms and began the charge for the people of South and Central America to shake off the yoke of their oppressors and begin forming their own free states.

Simon Bolivar even helped to lead and build the governments of these free states after the dust of battle had cleared. In some historic circles, he is considered the founding father of much of South America.

We remember him as a commander, a diplomat, and a revolutionary who stuck to his ideals in the face of adversity. As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you know about this legendary statesman? Take our Simon Bolivar Quiz to find out.

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