State Capitals Quiz

The State Capitals Quiz.

The history of each state of the United States of America is full of its own unique quirks. From East Coast to West Coast, no two states are ever truly alike in terms of their histories. Even in terms of environments one can see a diverse assortment from state to state. The desert states of the southwest and the mountains of the north each have a different essential element to their histories which reflects these geographic differences.

Often, we can see a glimpse into the vast history of a state by delving into the history of some of the more mundane elements of that state. Case in point, state capitals. They are not always the largest or most populous cities in each state, but they serve as the central seat of governmental authority in each state. They are usually selected for some great historical significance. In other cases, it is simple geography that determines what city shall serve as the capital of a state. Either way, many of these cities have become integral in housing the culture of America. Many have also been the sites of critical historical moments that helped shape the history of the nation as a whole.

This quiz will test your knowledge of which states thirty cities are the capitals of. If you pride yourself on your knowledge in this subject, this is a prime opportunity to test that knowledge. If you aren’t as confident in your knowledge on the subject of state capitals, then this is a great chance to learn.

How many state capitals do you know? Take our State Capitals Identification Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the State Capitals Quiz!