Steve Martin & John Belushi

Steve Martin and John Belushi.

steve martin john belushi

Comedy legends of the seventies as they pose together in the comedy capital of the world at the time, New York City. We have here pictured Steve Martin and John Belushi. This scene took place in 1982 only a few weeks before Belushi’s tragic passing. The picture was taken outside of a local night club where Martin was performing and Belushi decided he would come to see the act.

The two had met many times because of Saturday Night Live where the both had occasionally worked. John Belushi was one of the original cast members of SNL during its conception back in 1975. He was a quick fan favorite due to his electric personality and impulsive acting method. Unfortunately, at the height of his fame, Belushi went overboard with the drugs he was addicted to and overdosed.

Martin thankfully has a story that doesn’t end in as dark a place. He made his way in the comedy world by doing stand-up at clubs like this one. In fact, this stand-up was what allowed this pair to meet because Steve Martin eventually garnered enough of a reputation around NYC to qualify him to host an episode of SNL. He would come back to host 14 times, putting him as the person who has hosted the show the most times.

Martin would receive massive fame, however, from his career as an actor, writer, and director of comedy films. Hits like The Jerk and The Three Amigos are some of his handiwork. To this day Martin is keeping up with comedy films at 71 years of age.