Taxi – Danny DeVito & Andy Kaufman

Taxi – Andy Kaufman & Danny DeVito on set.

danny devito andy kaufman

The photo above was taken on the set of the show Taxi. The picture shows stars Danny DeVito and Andy Kaufman as they enthusiastically rehearse a scene. The television series is considered an American classic and a starting point in the careers of many now famous actors and actresses, such as the aforementioned DeVito and Kaufman as well as Judd Hirsch, Tony Danza, and Christopher Lloyd.

The show began in 1978 on ABC as a primetime comedy. Series creator James L. Brooks has stated that despite the fact that Taxi was a comedy, he wanted to be sure people took it seriously. He accomplished this by writing relatable characters that were just everyday people trying to work as cab drivers temporarily in order to pay the bills until they could finally work their dream jobs. The show also tackled very serious themes for the time, issues such as racism and addiction were brought up to show how everyday people have to deal with these things.

DeVito’s character was Louie De Palma, the boss of the cab company who constantly demeaned his workers and tried to make them miserable for his amusement. Kaufman’s character, Latka Gravas, however, was just the simple-minded mechanic of unknown heritage that worked fixing the cabs.

Latka was prone to goofing off and it would be Louie’s job to get him back on track. That explains the scene shown, in which Kaufman is jamming out to a record player as DeVito is hastily turning it off. Taxi would go on to win 18 Emmy’s because of its interesting premise and lovable characters.