The Articles of Confederation Quiz

The Articles of Confederation Quiz

On the subject of American history, there is one particular period of time which is occasionally just glossed over by modern academia. This is the timeframe where the American government was established by the Articles of Confederation.

The Articles appear to have been drafted with the intention that they become permanent foundational documents. It was with urgency that the Articles were drafted. After all, it is very difficult to run a land without universally agreed upon founding principles and rules.

The American patriots ran into such issues multiple times during their fight for independence. In order to try and prevent future issues from transpiring, states banded together to try and set some rules for how they would coexist and cooperate in the cause of independence. The Articles were quite vague in a number of critical areas.

Vagueness might not seem like the most obvious problem a government system can have, but over time the vagueness within a foundational document will inevitably lead to conflict. The multiple different interpretations that leaders had for what the Articles gave permission to do caused furious debates and costly misunderstandings.

Eventually, the modern American government would be formed on a more concrete base of explicit powers and responsibilities. Studying the history of the Articles helps highlight a number of interesting American attitudes from the days of the Revolution. Comparing its system of government with our own also sheds light on the evolution of American politics from the nation’s earliest days.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it learning something new.

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