The Confederate States of America Quiz

The Confederate States of America Quiz

Division is a nasty thing. It breeds contempt, misunderstanding, and even violence in extreme cases. The growth of a mentality of “us vs. them” is often seen as the root cause of extreme division. This is just how it was in the case of the American Civil War.

The differences between the American North and South mounted to a terrifying degree. As both sides opposed one another over a single key issue, their tempers flared against one another. Violence became more and more common as the members of these two regions stopped seeing one another as fellow countrymen.

In the South, the regional governments’ refusal to abolish the inhuman practice of slavery brought to head the foundation of a new American government. Just as the United States of America had been founded in an attempt to gain independence from a previous authority, the Confederates believed they were doing the same. They considered themselves bold rebels fighting for their own sovereignty.

In all actuality, they were inciting bloodshed in the name of profits and preserving a racial hierarchy that defined southern society. The Confederacy’s government was as slapdash as the original American colonial governments were, but the founding principle of the Confederate States of America was anything but liberty and justice for all.

This quiz will ask you questions about the Confederate government, its involvement in the Civil War, and events that led up to its creation or immediately followed its collapse.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you know about this infamous rebel entity? Take our Confederate States of America Quiz to find out.

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